Meet Mindy, owner and chocolatier





I’m a native San Franciscan, graduate of UCDavis in Environmental Design, lover of fine wines and all things culinary who happened to make a descision to get into the chocolate business.    I only got into loving chocolate and all it’s flavors during my pregnancy with my little girl.   After my daughter was born, I was searching inside myself for what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  Making a shift in careers was a no-brainer and I knew that I would go in business for myself.  I had lots of ideas going through my head, but it always came back to art and food.

What about a restaurant?…..too risky…What about a bakery… thanks. Then I had deeper thoughts of opening up a school for kids that used food as a medium for art.  Hmm, get kids interested in foods by making pieces of edible art…..fascinating, but no thanks!  What about chocolate?

 Why not chocolate? It’s shelf stable, it’s great to eat, everyone eats chocolate, so why not chocolate? I had an uphill battle going into this.  I’m a newly single mother and I never went to culinary school, except for a few classes here and there.  The art of chocolate is primarily self taught. But what’s the point in life without some risk taking.  Let’s do this and let’s do this in a big way.

Mindy Fong

4 thoughts on “Meet Mindy, owner and chocolatier

  1. Hi Mindy, Happened to come across your blog by chance and surprised to see my house on your site! I’m impressed with your venture and your courage. It looks like a winner!
    I’ll have to get a sampling some time of your colorful candies. Best of luck.

    Richard Berteaux

  2. Mindy,

    Congratulations on following your dreams, diving into the chocolate business and putting together a fantastic blog.

    I share many of your experiences as I started a chocolate business in SF with no experience in 2003. Its a great city for food, wine and chocolate, of course.

    I now live in London with my British wife and 22 mo. son. We started up here a few months ago with our second chocolate business. And I must say the experience from the first time around has helped tremendously.

    I’m planning a visit to the bay area in the next few months so maybe I will drop in on you to say ‘hello’

    Good luck to you…hope you have a smashing holiday season.


  3. Hi Mindy,

    I saw your blog that you support women in chocolate business. I own a business that caters to chocolatiers. We sell melangers and Grindeurs for grinding cocoa nibs into chocolate liquor.
    has more information on the melangers and Grindeurs.

    Can you let me know how we can help each other?

    We Wish you all a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous NEw Year!


    Andal Balu

  4. Hi Mindy – love the site, love the blogging and love the look and sound of your chocolate! I am a chocolatier at rest just at the moment, having uprooted from the UK to live in Spain but we are as yet homeless, so not able to chocolate just now. Living vicariously by reading chocolate blogs! Your story is something very special and I know that your chocolate will be the same – shame I am so far away from it!
    All the very best

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