Results of our first Truffle Tasting

Our truffles in training

 After two years of toying with the idea of creating a line of truffles, we finally managed to squeeze in some ‘play time’ in the kitchen.   At our event, we presented our guests with 12 truffles.  The idea of having a truffle event came into mind as a way of getting direct feedback before we launched our line.   

And feedback we got… good and bad.   

Jade Chocolates' fans, Fiona-Mae Sabangan and Sabrina Sandalo

Each person was given 12 truffles, champagne and a ratings sheet.  We asked each person to truthfully rate each truffle on taste, texture/mouthfeel, flavor and overall satisfaction.    The three truffles that people enjoyed the most were Creme Brulee, Jasmine Tea, and Pandan Leaf.  Chai, Bogart (a black tea flavored with hazelnuts and vanilla), Mint and Oolong all tied for 4th place and was followed closely by Thai Basil.  The least popular was our Mango Peanut Butter.    

We also left room for comments, here’s a few statements:   

Creme Brulee:   

‘Nice job capturing the essence of crème brulee’  
‘Love the smooth of chocolate and crunch of the hardened sugar’   

Thai Basil:  
‘really original taste’  
‘reminds me too much of pho’  
‘too herb-ee’ 

Bogart Tea:  
‘Perfect! Love it all!’   

Chai Tea:  
‘oui oui oui!’ 
‘this one is REALLY good! You captured the flavor well.’  

Oolong Tea: 
‘it’s orgasmic!’ 
‘pillowy-marshmallowy texture, so light! This is a good thing! 
‘Best chocolate ever!’ 

Mango Peanut Butter: 
‘Peanut butter was too strong, up the mango a bit’ 
‘I didn’t like the taste of the mango as much as the peanut butter, although this chocolate is good along the level of a reese’s peanutbutter cup.  Not extraordinary.’  

Our Mango Peanut Butter needs work....or scrapped altogether!

More truffles flavors are being whipped up in the kitchen and the truffles at the tasting are getting a fine tuning.  If you’d like to be one of the first to hear about our upcoming events, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

photo credits: Fiona-Mae Sabangan and Marco Sanchez


2 thoughts on “Results of our first Truffle Tasting

  1. Super idea! Everyone loves chocolate/truffle tasting events. What a great way for you to get real feedback. As soon as I’m done with my quest for the best chocolate bar, I’ll keep you in mind when I switch to truffles!! Good luck with your business!

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